Update 09-29-2021

We will be shutting down for maintenance updates at UTC 2021/09/29 7:00 – 8:00.
The maintenance period will last for 1 hour. During this period, you will not be able to log in to the game. After the update, the compensation for the maintenance will be sent to you via in-game email.

Here is the update content:

NEW HERO – Lilian

Canoness of Fortitude Lilian from the Fortress faction.
With this hero comes the ability to try new heroes out! You can try out new heroes by tapping New Companions from within the main menu!

NEW EVENT – Polar Night Star

In the north where the polar night is created, an army of the Fallen One is prepared for battles.
On the sacred tree of Esme, a polar night star magic circle gradually appeared.
To stand against the dark forces, adventurers are encouraged to provide power for the magic circle in Esme, and those who help will receive abundant gifts.

Event Time: From UTC 2021/10/02 to 2021/10/11


  • Customize Soul Dice Chest,
  • Gold Soul Dice,
  • Silver Soul Dice,
  • Beryl,
  • Draw Coupon,
  • Dragonshards.

Event Space-time Mirage: Desert – Temple

The balance of magic has been lost in areas of the land due to the influence of the Fallen One’s dark forces, creating chaotic space-time portals. Now it is the Adventurers’ job to find out what secret is hidden behind the portal.

Event Time: From UTC 2021/10/02 to 2021/10/15


  • Heroes,
  • Dragonshards,
  • Gold Soul Dice, etc.

Adjustments & Optimizations

  1. Upgraded the 1-MONTH PASS rewards from Gold Soul Dice to Magic Dice. Magic Dice increase the chance of summoning heroes in your Magic List.
  2. Improved the item descriptions during and after payment.

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