Crit chance or Crit damage

What is more useful now to develope crit chance or crit damage? What will give more damage in the end?
In Magnum Quest, the correct balance of these parameters gives a significant increase in damage. And at a certain stage of development in the game. we all begin to notice why my team is 20 levels higher and deals significantly less damage than a neighbor’s. Let’s figure it out:

Let’s say we have 2 options:

  1. 10% crit chance and 300% crit damage
  2. 20% crit chance and 150% crit damage

Let’s say that our hero has 1000 attacks, i.e. if he does not crit, he always hits 1000. this is his average damage.

The calculation formula is quite simple.

“base damage” * (1+ “CritDamage”/100 * “CritChance”/100)

In total, applying this formula to our 1000 base attack, we get that during a long battle (and not a single hit), the average damage in both variants will be the same, namely 1300 damage. But you must admit that it is much easier to get the values ​​of the second option.

Crit dmg calc

By adhering to these values, your heroes will give out the maximum possible damage.

How to work with the calculator:

  1. Look at your hero’s current crit chance and crit damage. (let’s say my Ares has 20% crit chance and 150% crit damage) and attack 37K
  1. Next, you need to evaluate the pack you are using, whether it has additional buffs for crit chance / crit damage. (for example from Winden) If there is, then we count from these values.
  2. Next, we check the calculator – I get that with a conditional 37K attack, the average damage will be 48100.

5 thoughts on “Crit chance or Crit damage”

  1. Du willst 10x critisch treffen von 10 Angriffen. Das sind dan 100% crit rate… mal gesehen das du 11x critisch triffst bei 10 Angriffen? Ergo , alles was über 100% crit rate ist , ist verschwendung von Ressourcen bzw anderen benötigten stats wie crit schaden.
    Auch einen Rechner zu kreieren der den crit schaden bei 100% crit rate berechnet (also bei einem critischen treffer) anhand der Angriffkraft ist alter Tabak. Wie oft er aber crittisch treffen könnte sagt keiner oder beschreibt es in einer formel… hier wird das aber so dargestellt… geht aber nicht mit der Formel

  2. Average dmg based on 1000 with 10%crit, 300%crit dmg is 1200 and with 20%crit, 150%crit dmg is 1100. Your information/calculator assumes the crit dmg is added to 100%base which is not the case. I suggest you test it in game.

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