Space-time Mirage Desert – Temple 2021/10/02 – 2021/10/15

This time a different Space-time Mirage will open at the center of the Raid – Campaign, during the event, adventurers will explore different scenes in the Desert-Temple.

Space-time Mirage: Desert – Temple is coming soon

The balance of magic has been lost in many areas on the Continent due to the influence of the Fallen One’s dark forces, creating chaotic space-time portals! Now it is the Adventurers’ mission to find out what secret is hidden behind the portal.

Event Time: From UTC 2021/10/02 to 2021/10/15


  • Heroes,
  • Dragonshards,
  • Gold Soul Dice, etc

How do you like our Space-time Mirage series?

3 thoughts on “Space-time Mirage Desert – Temple 2021/10/02 – 2021/10/15”

  1. Mirage serisini oynamak her zaman bir zevktir. Yaptığınız tüm iyi işler için teşekkürler.

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