Patch Notes 1.7.0

Dear Adventurers,
Our servers will be under maintenance from UTC 2021/06/01 02:00 to 04:00, during which time adventurers won’t be able to log into the game. After the maintenance, 600 Dragonshards will be sent to you via in-game mail as a compensatory gift. Please view the patch notes below:

Star Map Warm-up Event!

Time: From the UTC 2021/06/01 (after the update) to 2021/06/07


  1. Increased Bounty XP from the Hunter’s League’s [Bounty Ledger].
  2. The first 3 Hunt Token quests in [Hunting Action] you complete during the event will net you extra tokens. Once the Star Map becomes available you will be able to use these items to awaken and empower heroes.

Important Info:

  1. The Star Map will be available in-game after the 2021/06/08 (UTC) update.
  2. A hero quality of Gold Is required to unlock the Star Map. You can find more information from within the Hero Details menu.

New Heroes

  • Sleeper Agent Cyan from the Forest faction.
  • Dream Eater Fox Issy from the Wild faction.

2 new chapters

Chapter 29: The Revenant, and Chapter 30: The Dragon City.

Two new languages

Italiano and Polskie.

Hero Medal Changes

Following the update you will now be able to exchange Hero Medals for Divinity and Abyss heroes. (Hero Medals can be obtained by buying the 1-MONTH DELUXE PASS from the Merchants).

Hero Changes

ElfWarrior Fare:
Increased the importance of Accuracy for the [Fatal Attraction] skill.

DeathKnight Alden:
Changed an issue with the description ofthe [Necromancer] skill in some languages. Note: The skill itself remains unchanged. You can find the new skill description in game.

Changed a large chunk of hero titles:
The new hero titles should better conform to each hero and their background story.


  • Following the update, adventurers who have reached floor 100 ofthe Fairhaven Trial and obtained a Mysterious chest may now open it from within their Bag.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of Chapter 27 and 28 stages.
  • Improved the art of the Chapter 7 and 16’s battle maps.
  • You will no longer be taken to the battle preparation menu when out of challenge attempts in Puppets War.
  • Adventurer squad at above level 300 may now hold down the button to quickly level up.
  • Improved the logic of the [Level up 1 hero] daily quest.
  • Adventurer squad at above level 300 will now be taken to the Adventurer squad menu upon pressing ‘level up’.
  • Improved the art of some heroes in the Portraits.
  • Improved some in-game tips and guidance.
  • Improved some issues with translations and expressions ofthe Multilingual version.

The aforementioned is all the new content of this update.

Should you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us via Customer Support from in game or send us an e-mail to

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