Hidden summoning bonuses

The main source of new heroes in Magnum Quest is the Summon. This is a kind of roulette, where you have a certain chance to summon a hero from different Tiers. There are three tiers of heroes in total:

  • Bronze
  • Gold III
  • Legendary V

Legendary heroes are the rarest and most needed.

Magnum Quest Hero Summoning Chances

Different types of summons have different chances of summoning heroes.

Common Summon

  • Bronze Tier Heroes – 50%
  • Silver Tier Heroes – 45%
  • Gold Tier Heroes – 5%

Friendship Summon

  • Bronze Tier Heroes – 50%
  • Silver Tier Heroes – 47.5%
  • Gold Tier Heroes – 2.5%

Faction Summon

  • Bronze Tier Heroes – 50%
  • Silver Tier Heroes – 45%
  • Gold Tier Heroes – 5%

Dragon Summon

  • Selected Hero – 2.5%

As you can see the chances of summoning a golden hero are quite small. In regular and faction summons, the chance of dropping a golden hero is 1 out of 20 summons. And in a friendly and a dragon 1 out of 40. But it may happen that even for 50 you will not get a golden hero, it’s a random…

Therefore, the developers, in order to gain the loyalty of the players, have established small bonuses in case of a long streak of not dropping a hero.

Hidden summoning bonuses

Common Summon:

  • You get a golden Hero at your very first summon.
  • You get a golden Hero for the first time you summon 10 heroes at once.
  • After your first summon of 10 heroes, every 30 summons of heroes promise a golden Hero.

Friendship Point Summon:

  • No hidden bonus applied.

Faction Summon:

  • Every 30 summons gives a golden Hero.

Different factions are counted separately.

Dragon Summon:

  • Every 60 summons will promise you a golden hero of your choice.
First Dragon Summon

We hope you felt a little calm after reading this information and now you know that a series of failures does not last forever.

Enjoy playing and see you in Magnum Quest!

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  1. Where to get diamond-dragonscales for the dragon summons? is there any way to farm them? or to get them as rewards? i cant find anything in the game and when i click on the dragonscale button in the summoning menu, there isnt written where to get them

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