The Fairhaven Trial

The Fairhaven Trial Magnum Quest is a training course of sorts. The head wizards unsealed the Forbidden Portal, and as countless magical beings surged forth from within, they worked together to lock them inside Castle Sermo’s walls. Anyone, whether a Fairhaven apprentice or not, that swears to come to Fairhaven’s aid in a moment of danger to face the hordes of the Fallen in a Trial of strength can fight again the monsters.

Background of The Fairhaven Trial Magnum Quest

News of the Fallen One’s return spread like wildfire across the land after the Summit Council’s conclusion. Powers near and fall all began creating their own agendas. Having gone to toe council, the famed Fairhaven Academy lost contact with winden, and many head wizards began to fret for his safety. Yet, they couldn’t simply twiddle their thumbs as they awaited his return. Change was needed.

They required a way of quickly training hordes of apprentices. If not, they would be too weak to stand against the looming danger. It was at this time that someone thought of Fairhaven’s greatest secret-the Forbidden Portal.

The Forbidden Portal is a portal to the Armuda Continent and the Shadow Realm. It was the very reason for why Fairhaven was created here in the first place. Yet, to open the portal would mean to release spirits and monsters from the Shadow Realm. Yet, if done correctly, dealing with these monsters would mean invaluable combat experience for apprentices.

After much discussion, some ofthe head wizards unsealed the portal, and worked together to lock them inside Castle Sermo. Thus the Fairhaven Trial was created. Anyone, whether a Fairhaven apprentice or not, that swears to come to Fairhaven’s aid at the time of danger-to stand against the Fallen One, may challenge the monsters within.


The Fairhaven Trial is similar to the already familiar Trial Challenge, where you gradually progress further, defeating monsters of three to choose from. Bosses of the level will appear periodically, and Cups or Campfires will also appear in front of you.

Monster Level

By the time the players enter for the first time, the monsters’ level will have been determined. As the event progresses, the monsters’ level will not change.

Ancestor Spirits Level

The players will have Ancestor Spirits Level upon entering the event. Defeating every single monster during the event will grant proper EXP, a fixed amount of which can upgrade Ancestor Spirits Level. Each time Ancestor Spirits Level is upgraded, a new skill will be unlocked. Ancestor Spirits Level is capped at 10.

Reset & Skip

  • During the event, the players can reset challenge progress at any time, which will clear the obtained Cards and the recruited Heroes, restoring Heroes to their base statuses without resetting Ancestor Spirits Level.
  • Monster Lineup of each stage will be randomized, without affecting their levels. By resetting, the players can opt to skip (win without battles) a certain number oflevels, integrating Card Selection, EXP Stats and Hero Recruit later.
  • As the event opens, the players can have one free reset per day and spend Dragonshards for resets in case of no free resets.


The players’ best levels reached will be included in Leaderboard Stats. At the end of the event, Top 10 Players on the Leaderboard will receive a Commemoratory Reward via Mail.

Play and win in the Fairhaven Trial Magnum Quest, and read additional content on the game on our information portal.

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