Puppets War Event 07/05/2021

On July 5, 2021, the “Puppet War” event Magnum Quest started. The event will run for 7 days, until July 11th. During the event, we will have to fight with 4 familiar Puppets: Bill, Gila, Monroe, Derla; and after killing them, access to the final boss, Fafnir, will open.


  • 3 attempts to kill bosses are available daily (if you closed 14-40 of the Battle mode)
  • heroes who participated in the challenge cannot be taken on the next challenge (3 teams are needed)
  • to facilitate the passage of your guildmates, you can assign one mercenary that your alliance friends can use
  • you can take mercenaries to your team
  • only one mercenary can be taken on each challenge
  • mercenaries you have already used in battles cannot be recruited again

Rules of Puppets War

  1. Active guilds established before the event starts will be qualified for this event; If the guilds don’t make the grade, they cannot participate in the event.
  2. The qualified guilds can challenge the four puppet tosses on the proper pages; The defeat of all puppet bosses will activate the final boss; When the final boss is defeated, all bosses will reset and level up.
  3. Player can challenge bosses once per day, twice upon clearing Stage 9-20 and thrice upon clearing Stage 14-40.
  4. For each boss killed, all Guild Members will receive a reward to be claimed in mail.
  5. At the end of the event, Ranking Rewards will be distributed as per Guild Ranking; All Guild Members in the Puppet War will receive a proper Ranking Reward to be claimed in mail; Non-participating Guild Members cannot receive this reward.
  6. 6.[Remove Members] and [Disband] feature will be disabled on the final day and restored after the event.

Good luck with the Puppet War Event Magnum Quest! What event level has your Guild reached?

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