Battlefield of Gods

Finally a PvP competition has been added to Magnum Quest, which should bring out the strongest players in the entire game. At the time of its appearance, the event was split into 4 servers with 64 strongest players according to the results of the “Floating City” Ladder (PvP competition for the rating, in which we get the “Dragon Heart Blood” coins). This was done to make it more interesting for beginners to participate in it, since it would be unfair to compete with players who have already been playing for about a year.

To advance to the next round, you need to win 3 battles against your opponent.

  • If your heroes survive, then you can use them in the next one, but they will have a reserve of health and energy, which they had left at the time of the completion of the first one.
  • If you lose several heroes and win, you can use them again in the next battle.
  • If you lose in the first or subsequent battles, then you will have to put up a completely new team.

In the event “Battlefield of the Titans”, all players are equalized by the levels of heroes, which allows you to identify the real champions.

Everyone has a chance to get into the TOP players in the world in the game Magnum Quest.

Group Competition Rules

  1. Battlefield of Gods is a cross-server arena in different regions.
  2. After the end of the Floating City Ladder season, the top 10 adventurers in points on each server with at least 5 heroes of legendary tier enter the player pool.
  3. Adventurers in the player pool will be randomly combined for group competition. The group competition adopts the single round robin system. The first place in each group will be selected to the top 64 and enter the finals.
  4. If there is a tie, the players will be ranked according to their total battle power.
  5. By default, the group competition will use the defensive lineup of the Floating City Ladder, and players can adjust the lineup manually. The system will lock the lineup 0.5 hour before the battle starts, and no further adjustments will be possible at that time.

Finals Rules

  1. The top 64 players in the group competition will be evenly divided into 8 groups for the finals.
  2. The finals competition adopts the single elimination, and the winner of each group will be the top 8 and enter the championship.
  3. The finals will be arranged according to the lineup of the group competition by default, and players can manually adjust the lineup. The system will lock the lineup 0.5 hour before the battle starts, then it will not be possible to make adjustments.

Battle Rules

  1. In the Battlefield of Gods, players can only deploy legendary heroes, and the hero level is at Lv.300. Hero quality, equipment, runestones, star map and other attributes can be brought into the Battlefield of Gods.
  2. Battlefield of Gods adopts the wheel war format. Characters who are not killed in each round of battle will retain their HP to enter the next round of battle.
  3. If both sides are not defeated in a single battle and the battle timeout, the player with more surviving heroes will be the winner. If the number of surviving heroes is the same, the system will compare the total damage inflicted by both sides and the side with the higher total damage wins. All remaining heroes on the losing side will die.

Fight Bets

  1. After the Battlefield of Gods Top 64 Final starts, each adventurer can choose to support one contestant in each round. If that contestant wins, the bet is successful; if not, the bet fails. The champion and runner-up can only choose to support themselves.
  2. The number of bets in each round is determined by the system, and priority will be given to matches with players of the same guild or language.
  3. The amount of bet is determined by the rate of the adventurer’s coins gained from Fast Rewards. The amount of support is the coins that the adventurer can obtain from Fast Rewards for 2 days.
  4. If the supported contestant wins the match, the adventurer will win 2 times the number of supported coins. Rewards will be sent by mail.

Please note that below the players there is a scale of bet percentages. This can help you decide on the choice of your favorite.


  1. The top 64, top 8, top 4 players, and the champion of the Battlefield of Gods will receive a distinguished avatar frame as the honor reward.
  2. The players who enter the top 32 of the Battlefield of Gods will receive a treasure containing the Dragon Heart Blood for their guild after the season settlement.

Popular PvP teams


The best control in the game from Osishe and the best save from Ione leave no chance for opponents in both PvP and PvE content.


The team relies on burst damage from Hista + Ares, a good buff from Sur and heal + the ability to remove buffs from opponents from Naomi.

Speedy Garia:

In this command, the calculation for the highest speed of the team in terms of the HST parameter.

Classic Harry:

A good speed boost and the best save in the game from Ione make this team quite a formidable force.


Lycidas and Katos can give enemies an almost permanent state of silence, preventing them from using their special abilities.

Good luck to all players on the Magnum Quest, and especially in the Battlefield of Gods!

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