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Garaff is a forest support hero for Magnum Quest. Since the hero has a level of development up to a maximum of level 200, it is relevant up to the level of squad 226, then any golden hero will win against him due to his basic characteristics and skills.

The hero is interesting primarily for his control. He can stun up to 3 opponents and weaken them. Garaff also gives all allies a leech effect, which returns up to 10% of the damage dealt as health.


Arcane (brain)



RarityGold III
Role 2AOE
hero for early game only

General mode


Guild Bosses

Guild BossS




Lightning Totem [Lv.3]

Garaff places a totem at the center of the battlefield, which deals 110% ATTACK damage to all surrounding enemies.

LV2 (76 lvl): The totem lasts 4 seconds and deals 60% ATTACK damage per second to all surrounding enemies.
LV3 (151 lvl): Initial damage increases to 130% ATTACK, the continuous damage increases to 70% ATTACK per second.

Lightning Strike [Lv.4]

Garaff calls down a lightning, which inflicts the [stun] effect upon a random enemy target for 3 seconds.

LV2 (26 lvl): Enemy targets affected by the [stun] effect increases to 2.
LV3 (101 lvl): After the [stun] effect is over, the affected targets loses 15% of their ATTACK for 4 seconds.
LV4 (176 lvl): Enemy targets affected by the [stun] effect increases to 3.

Tide’s Blessing [Lv.2]

All allies gain the [leech] effet, which translates 5% of the damage to HP.

LV2 (126 lvl): The proportion of the damage translated to HP increases to 10%.



Garaff, the Shaman of the Icatian Sept, lives in the depths of the Sable Sea. He assists the Khan of the Icatian Sept in governing the whole Sable Sea and holds in his heart the greatest secret of the Icatian Sept.


Compared with other mermen, Garaff is on the small side. His body is covered with light blue scales, and his red eyes give the impression of a being filled with divine wisdom. Garaff likes wearing a blue sarong to match his blue staff.

Fish men are simple-minded, so Giraffes special in their eyes. Garaff dispenses sage and helpful advice, so his sept mates seek him out for his counsel. However, many of them also find his bright, colorful appearance strangely mesmerizing.


The darkest reaches of the Sable Sea is home to the Icatian Sept. Although mermen are capable of breathing air, they spend most of their time in the water. Their only regular contact with outsiders is on nights with a full moon, when they regularly raid fishing boats. Mermen are not highly intelligent, which means that other races have often taken advantage of them. Fortunately, their large numbers allow them to defend their territory.

Before relocating to the depths of the Sable Sea, the Icatian Sept lived in the shallow waters under a rough sea cliff. In those days, they were enslaved by other races and didn’t have their own ruler or shaman. One day a merman arose who declared himself a shaman and told the rest of the sept that they had their own god who would protect them, and that they should select a khan from amongst themselves.

Under the leadership of the first shaman and then, they freed themselves from their servitude and moved to a new region of the Sable Sea. They declared this a new era and restarted their calendars to honor this event. Generations passed, and the Icatian Sept thrived. Garaff was raised a true believer in their god. He exhibited magic ability, and, believing he had been touched by the god, he chose to apprentice to the current shaman. Little did he know that his world was about to be shattered.

Garaff was informed that the god of the mermen was a fraud. The first shaman created the story of the merman god to inspire the Icatian Sept to rise up and free themselves. Since that time, each sept shaman has perpetuated this fraud. This was the true duty of the sept shaman. Garaff did not take the truth well. But, after a great deal of sorrow and anger, he managed to pull himself together and realized that he must play his role. He would keep the secret. He led the rituals and preached as usual. He encouraged the mermen to keep fit and healthy according to the god’s commandments. The Icatian Sept grew prosperous and lived in peace during Garaff’s tenure.

Garaff wanted more for his people. Cautiously, as he knew the land races tended to enslave mermen, he contacted outsiders. He had heard rumors of unusual occurrences on the land, and Garaff, being a wise merman, thought that this might be an opportunity to strengthen the Icatian Sept.

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