The Under Palace Event 21 June 2021

The “Under Palace” Magnum Quest event has started again.
The event is divided into 2 stages, each of which lasts 1 week. In the first week, you have to complete certain tasks, such as “Complete maze level 5” or “Complete the maze without using the skeleton key.” The assignments for the next week are still unknown. You can read more about the event and the rules in a previously published article –

According to general calculations, to complete the entire task, you must go through the maze at least 3 times. Difficulties are caused by the task “Get 24 pieces of Gold equipment”, that is, for all the passage you need to collect 24+ gold relics-enhancements. In one full playthrough (cleaning all rooms), we were able to collect only 8 pieces.

The main innovation of the event can be considered the appearance of a mini map in the upper right corner of the screen, which makes it easier to complete.

Good luck!

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