Reset Heroes

When you want to raise one of the heroes, but do not want to spend time and effort collecting resources, then you can use the hero reset function in Magnum Quest.

You just need to spend a small amount of dragonshards and get resources for leveling a new hero (you will get: hero experience, birill, gold, equipment), in a word, all the resources spent on the hero return, so it’s very convenient!

This is a function that allows you to quickly level up the desired hero, instead of a long accumulation of resources for leveling, which saves time and nerves.

You will sometimes use the reset function in Magnum Quest to increase the overall level of heroes through the Squad function.

Imagine a situation that in your squad all the heroes are of rank Gold 1*, which you have already leveled to a maximum level of 150. You drop a hero whom you raise to the rank of Gold 2*, which can already be leveled to level 175. The most logical option in this situation would be to drop one of the main heroes Gold 1* and spend the resources that appear on the raising of the Gold 2* hero. Put the old hero in reserve, thereby returning him to his original level.

In this way, gradually you will replace all the heroes of the main heroes and increase the overall level of your heroes in Magnum Quest.

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