Best Cards for PvP

After a short period of time since the introduction of the Cards, the players have already made a list of the best Cards for PvP of the Magnum Quest. We invite you to read it below.

Best Red Cards

Gila Card

Bonus: When killing each enemy, increases attack.

Pros: The highest damage boost, suitable for any composition of physical / mage teams.

Comments: Triggers only after a kill, i.e. does not give any increase in damage while everyone is alive. Works best in a pack capable of quickly killing at least 1 enemy.

Fie Card

Bonus: Increases auto attack damage + from Lv. 3 increases auto attack speed.

Pros: Good increase damage, especially in teams with physical damage (Fie / Cyan / Carlotta).

Comments: It doesn’t affect the damage of skills at all, so in teams where the main DDs are mages, it’s better to take something else.

Sorsha Card

Bonus: Increases damage to targets in control + from Lv. 3 prolongs the effect of control.

Pros: The ideal card. Control in PvP is the best. It best in teams with Alden/Osishe/Merialeth, etc.

Comments: Mandatory presence of control, stuns / freeze / sleep, etc. It is important that Slowdown (decrease in speed) and silence are not considered control!

Ilya Card

Bonus: Increases the damage of allies on the enemy field.

Pros: The problem is that damage only grows in the enemy field.

Comments: Only useful if your main damage dealer is Revna or any killer that can quickly jump towards the enemy. It is very weak to increase the damage thrown by Lycidas to some Katos or Alden.

Best Blue Cards

Leiston’s Light Card

Bonus: Reduces ALL damage taken.

Pros: The maximum survivability bonus. Cinia has a Lv. 5 bonus 36%.

Comments: The best blue map for PvP at the moment.

Bill Card

Bonus: Reduces physical damage taken by 24% and magic damage taken by 12% at Lv. 5.

Pros: Stable reliable increase in survival. Ecra card will be a situational replacement – similarly reduces the magic damage.

Comments: Works great against teams with a lot of PHY damage. Before Lv. 3 against mages does not give any bonus.

Monroe Card

Bonus: Allies block 1 attack every 10-6 seconds + from Lv. 3 block the first 2-3 attacks.

Pros: Very good bonus, especially with Lv. 3+. Block completely ignores all damage taken, similar to dodge.

Comments: Requires a high Lv. card, because. decreases time between blocks. Becomes very strong from Lv. 3+.

Rickers Card

Bonus: Reduces chance of receiving critical damage.

Pros: The main damage taken in PvP is Сrits, the chance to reduce it is very important.

Comments: It is important that it reduces the probability of a Сrit and not its damage, i.e. if the Crit still passes, the hero will receive full damage from the enemy. A bonus of not very big – 24% at Lv. 5.

Best Green Cards

Katos Card

Bonus: Once every 8 sec. after using any ult, silences all opponents.

Pros: Interrupts the enemy’s skills and blocks them for 1-2 seconds. Starting from Lv. 3 reduces the cooldown of ALL abilities of your heroes, very strong if you are lucky.

Comments: A very large random with silence, it can work on time and interrupt an important ability, or it can fly away for nothing.

Revna Card

Bonus: Chance that auto-attacks will remove 1-3 buffs from the enemy.

Pros: In general, it reduces the damage of opponents by removing buffs such as Harry‘s ult. So it allows you to quickly finish off the enemy by dispelling the shield of Ione / Ares.

Comments: Shield of Arthur and other shields do not count as buffs and cannot be dispelled. Also, the shield of Katos cannot be removed in any way other than damage.

Alden and Merialeth Cards

Bonus: Alden (Freeze) and Merialeth (Bewitches) on 1-2 enemies from 1 row.

Pros: Excellent additional control, in the presence of both, preference is given to Merialeth. Because Bewitches allow the enemy to use abilities that deal damage to their own allies.

Comments: There is a delay in the application of control from the beginning of the battle. Therefore, the card does not always have time to work out against Revna or enemies thrown by Lycidas.

Ancient God Card

Bonus: Increases attack and defense when killing an enemy.

Pros: Good damage bonus, works great in teams with Derla / Sur (as the main damage dealer).

Comments: Cons similar to the Gila card, it does not give any bonus until you kill anyone.

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