Polar Night Star 2021/10/02 – 2021/10/11

NEW EVENT – Polar Night Star coming soon!

In the north where the polar night is created, an army of the Fallen One is prepared for battles. On the sacred tree of Esme, a polar night star magic circle gradually appeared. To stand against the dark forces, adventurers are encouraged to provide power for the magic circle in Esme, and those who help will receive abundant gifts.

Event Time: From UTC 2021/10/02 to 2021/10/11


  • Customize Soul Dice Chest,
  • Gold Soul Dice,
  • Silver Soul Dice,
  • Beryl,
  • Draw Coupon,
  • Dragonshards

16 thoughts on “Polar Night Star 2021/10/02 – 2021/10/11”

  1. Can someone get me a detailed explanation on the get 2 victories with agility heroes. I used aeluin , osishe , lone , fare , sol and I did 1 dungeon and one quest but it still didn’t update or change in anyway so could someone help me out it’s the last thing I need to do

    1. Place Fie in your team and you get 2 agility heroes – Fie and Osishe. Make 10 victory in trial with this team and you will complite the task!

      1. I have 2 agi heroes in hell I’ve had 3 in and won in trials and it isn’t counting any of my victories… They need to fix the description here because it sucks.

  2. You need to kill all 3 major bosses, not just the last guy. One trip will get you 3/6. Two trips will get you 6/6. I’ve completed it already.

  3. I don’t understand mission no.3 “Defeat the leader of the Fallen Wraith in Trial Land 6 time(s)”, which enemy in trial should i defeat to accomplish this? And can i accomplish it in trial normal mode? I’m not strong enough for hard mode yet..

    1. You can do the Trial (normal or hard mode) every few days – you just need to kill the final boss each time to get the credit so takes a while to complete.

  4. Polar Night Star – Mission No 5 “Get 2 victories with 10 agility heroes or more (main quest, dungeon and trial)” this doesn’t make sense when you only have 5 heroes in a battle, have the numbers been switch? please clarify.

    1. you need to win 10 times with a team with 2 or more agility heroes. Then you need to change the composition and put, for example, 2 heroes of strength in order to complete the next quest.

      1. What? What do you mean change the composition? You set you team every battle separately. I am very confused about how this is accomplished.

      1. Check each Hero to see their type logo:
        Intelligence – blue brain
        Agility – green wing
        Strength – red fist

  5. oyun güzel sorunsuz ama oyun içi etkinlik kısıtlı 10 15 arası geçirsen yetiyor oyunda ama zamanla herşey rayına oturcak gibi gözüküyor severek oynuyorum başarılarınızın devamını dilerim …

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