Expel the Nian Monster Event 2022/01/26 – 2022/02/04

Have a sneak peek at the new Spring Festival Boss – the Nian Monster:

There lives a monster called [Nian] in the ancient east, who attacks and terrorizes people during the Spring Festival every year. The City of Trassvertian is calling upon all brave warriors to expel the monster and has prepared rich rewards for those who are successful.

During this event, you can challenge [the Nian Monster] every day from the event page.
Based on the battle performances throughout the last day, a certain number of Jiaozi will be sent to each adventurer via mails at 00:00 UTC every day. You can acquire rich rewards by eating Jiaozi in your Bag, some of them might even include pleasant surprises!

Event time: UTC 2022/01/26 – 2022/02/04

Event rewards:

  • Jiaozi,
  • Dragonshards,
  • Festive Portrait Frames.

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