Plane Expeditions Season Ⅱ

Heroes from Wild Faction are barred in this season.

We received a lot of feedback from enthusiastic adventurers during the last season of [Plane Expeditions], and we have implemented the following changes in the latest update:

  1. The minimum point requirement associated with each league has been lowered, which will make it easier for all adventurers to advance through the leagues and get the corresponding rewards
  2. We have lowered the price for challenge quotas.
  3. Rewards once dedicated to “cumulative victories throughout the day” are now dedicated to “total challenges initiated throughout the day”, the contents of the rewards have been upgraded as well.
  4. The minimum league requirements for the seasonal ranked rewards have been lowered.

Event time: UTC 2022/03/10 – 2022/03/23.

Event rewards:

  • Heroes,
  • Arcane Impression Cards,
  • Exclusive Skins,
  • Portraits,
  • Guardian’s Treasure Boxes,
  • Guardian’s Gift Boxes,
  • Purifying Stone Optional Chests,
  • Element Powder.

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