Lucky Roll Event 2022/03/07 – 2022/03/20

During this event, you can acquire Lucky Dice from Daily Activity Reward Chests and use them in the event page to earn rewards.

When encountering the Treasure Merchant during this event, there’s a chance the adventurers who have cleared stage 14-20 in the campaign may exchange their Breath of Mortal for Breath of Spirit, and the adventurers who have cleared stage 18-20 may exchange Breath of Spirit for Breath of God.

Event time: UTC 2022/03/07- 2022/03/20

Event rewards:

  • Heroes (Sur, Katos, Fabian, Zander, Ilya, Sorsha),
  • Runestones,
  • Gold Soul Dice,
  • Silver Soul Dice.

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