New Guild Gameplay Mode: The Scramble for Resources

Influenced by magic fluctuations, several fairly large energy mines have emerged inside multiple ancient architectures and the Puppet Corps have been eyeing them ever since their emergence. Vital resources such as this cannot be allowed to fall into the grasp of the Fallen One, and numerous guilds have launched joint campaigns against the Puppet Corps.
The more is invested in the campaigns, the more likely one is to seize the opportunity to guard the ancient architectures. All guild members will receive blessings from the ancient architectures under their protection and reap more rewards in return.

Event Preview

  1. The Scramble for Resources consists of four phases: application, scramble, settlement, and defense.
  2. Guilds can access the event by applying to enter the Scramble for Resources which takes place in four ancient architectures located in different areas.
  3. Guilds in the same area will compete to occupy the architecture they applied for until the ranking results are settled.
  4. Top guilds have to defend the ancient architecture. By then, all guild members will receive extra bonus earnings throughout the defense phase.

Event will be available in the new version, stay tuned!

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