Detailed description of the new hero Rose

Rose – Blood Raven
Check out the skills of the new Shadow hero in the picture, how do you feel about her abilities? Are you going to invite her to join your team? Adventurers can try out the new hero before summoning her once she’s released in game! Stay tuned!


Rose was a notorious pirate wandering the Deep Blue Waters. Her raids on the high seas were silent but deadly. Nothing on a ship would survive her raid, even the last grain of crops would be picked clean – like a carcass feasted upon by the ravens. As time went by, she became remembered as “Blood Raven”, while her true name had been forgotten by most.

Backstory Brief

The Deep Blue Waters host numerous key trading routes interconnecting multiple renowned trading cites. It was Rose, the famous [Blood Raven] who used to take control of this entire area, until the one parchment showed up which would change her life by then – the genuine parchment marking the location of the Black Dragon Treasures.
However, the map Rose “stumbled across” had already been altered by the pirates who were longing for her position for long.
Completely unprepared and unguarded, Rose walked into the ambush. After a brutal fight, she managed to retreat to the shore only to find her ship was gone. It was too late when she realized her henchman had always been part of the conspiracy.
On her last breath, as Rose saw her blood streaming into the sea, she prayed to the evil gods of the ocean, offering her heart and soul in exchange for a chance to live on.


[Lv.1] Rose summons a phantom shark to attack an enemy target, dealing significant damage to it.
[Lv.2] The phantom shark deals more damage to targets suffering the [suffocate] effect and lengthens the duration of the [suffocate] effect.
[Lv.3] The damage dealt by the phantom shark increases.

[Lv.1] Rose launches a sudden strike upon the closest enemy target, deals damage to it, and blinks back to her original position. She is immune to all control effects while this skill is active. If the target isn’t marked before the attack, Rose marks it when the attack is complete. The mark stays on the target until it’s defeated. Rose priorities the enemy bearing the mark as the target of this skill.
[Lv.2] After the sudden strike, Rose inflicts the [suffocate] effect upon the target. When an ally attacks an enemy suffering the [suffocate] effect, the ally’s CRIT RATE is raised, and the enemy’s ENERGY is lowered.
[Lv.3] The damage dealt increases.
[Lv.4] When an ally attacks an enemy suffering the [suffocate] effect, the ally’s CRIT RATE is raised further, and the enemy’s ENERGY is lowered further.

[Lv.1] Rose throws a grenade at a target and deals damage to it. The grenade also creates a patch of fog around the target, which deals continuous damage to all enemies in the fog.
[Lv.2] HST of all enemies in the fog is lowered.
[Lv.3] The damage dealt by the grenade and the fog increases.

[Lv.1] When Rose’s basic attack lands a hit on an enemy target bearing the mark, it creates an explosion which deals damage to the target and steals its ENERGY for Rose.
[Lv.2] The damage dealt by the explosion and the amount of ENERGY stolen increase.
[Lv.3] If the target bearing the mark is defeated by any means, Rose’s ATK is raised significantly and permanently.

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