Community Event 2022/06/28 – 2022/07/05

Community Event!

Explore All the Hidden Nests

On the four areas of Armuda, 12 Hidden Nests quietly grow from the core of the Land. Each of the Nests buried a secret of its own. That’s all we know. What’s in it? Enemy? Unknown treasure? A princess waiting for a brave knight to rescue? Or maybe All is Puzzle!


2022/06/28 – 2022/07/05


Create a video or picture guide and share with us how you explore the Hidden Nests with your Game ID and Server Number on your social media accounts, Add the hashtag #hiddennest and Mention the official Fan page of Magnum Quest in your post. Let’s have some fun and win more rewards!


@MagnumQuest, #magnumquest, id 1234567, S010, Attach your video/picture guide


  • Facebook @MagnumQuest
  • Twitter @MagnumQuest
  • YouTube ​ @Magnum Quest
  • VK @official_magnumquest
  • DC: Channel #hidden-nest *Please don’t mention staff or other members here.


  1. The most important thing is: Please make sure your page and posts are PUBLIC to others otherwise we can not get your info.
  2. Your post must contain the hashtag #hiddennest, your game ID and server number and Mention the official fan page, otherwise it will be considered as invalid entry.
  3. Your Videos or Pictures have to be original and related to our theme.
  4. Each participant can submit more than 1 piece of work during the event, and each account can only get the participation rewards once. However we’ll randomly choose 10 posts for our giveaway rewards.

Reward details:

Giveaway Rewards: 300+600 Dragonshards
Other participants: 300 Dragonshards

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