The Trial is a special adventure section in Magnum Quest, where you must complete 21 teams of opponents led by the final boss to collect the main treasure. As you progress through stages 7 and 14 you will fight mini bosses.

The gems on the final chest will start to ignite after defeating the 7th, 14th, and 21st bosses. Once all three stones are activated, the chest will open and you will receive your trial reward.

At the 19th stage of the trial you will be fight with mini boss Zander, for victory you will be given 1500 Guild Badges and Trial Coins. You will have 60 seconds to defeat him.

You have 48 hours to complete the Trial. After 48 hours it is reset.

After passing the final boss a chest is opened, which contains a different number of stones (most often 200, but also 700), silver soul dice, as well as several boosts for gold (6 hours of passive rewards) and beryl (2 hours of passive rewards). Set gear may also drop.

In total on average for a month (30 days), excluding achievements and events, you can get 84,450 Trial Coins, which is enough to buy one hero and all the food-heroes in the store. Or, with the help of achievements and events, two heroes.

StageTrial CoinsReward 1Reward 2Guild Badges
1100GoldHero exp
2110GoldHero exp
3120GoldHero exp
4130GoldHero exp
5140GoldHero exp
6150GoldHero exp
7 (Boss)160GoldHero exp
8170GoldHero exp
9180GoldHero exp
10190GoldHero exp
11200GoldHero exp
12210GoldHero exp
13220GoldHero exp
14 (Boss)230GoldHero exp
15240GoldHero exp
15250GoldHero exp
17260GoldHero exp
18270GoldHero exp
19 (Zander)15001500
20350GoldHero exp
21 (Boss)450GoldHero exp

The game does not show the exact number of items above 10,000, so all gold and experience values in the game are indicated approximately.

As you progress through you will come across different buildings:

  1. Campfire (tent) – give a choice of heroes. Starting from stage 7, it becomes possible to “pray” in the tent (either you raise the level of the selected hero, or give the opportunity to choose an additional one more hero). We advise you to get strong heroes to the bonus of your team’s faction, or existing heroes of a higher level. Don’t forget to check our Tier Hero List.
  2. Holy Goblet (cup) – Drinking water from the sacred cup will restore 50% HP (and 50% energy in the raid) to all surviving heroes.
  3. Goddess’s Blessing (statue with crystal) – Get a random buff with limited numbers of use.
    • Red: Damage related buff.
    • Blue: Defense related buff.
    • Green: Recovery related buff.
  4. Dwarf Blacksmith (anvil) – A smithy appears and the dwarf blacksmith promises to help you to enhance your trial equipments. Choose one of the eqipments below. The blacksmith will enhance the bronze to silver, the silver to gold.
  5. Altar of Resurrection (statue of an angel) – You step on the altar and a mysterious power randomly resurrects a dead hero and restores to 100% HP. (lf there is no dead hero in your team, a random buff will be granted to you) Legends said that if you have the chance to pray for your dead heroes and an answer may come to you. Then you may choose another 1-3 dead heroes to resurrect and be granted full health.
  6. Shabby Shelter (лавка) – You may meet some merchants in the dangerous journey. They are carrying with rare things and sell at lower prices.

Do not forget about the Trials in Magnum Quest, because in the shop for Coins you can buy such important heroes as Aeluin, Aurik, Zander and Derla.

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  1. Does anyone know why, on the avatar in the left corner, it says lvl 1? Is there a future implementation where you gain higher levels of difficulty in each trial? I breeze through them every time and it feels like another chore instead of a challenge….

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