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Along with the ver. 1.7 update, the development team has prepared a new Skill Progression System for Heroes, the Star Map in Magnum Quest. The release took place on June 8, 2021, and we were able to see with our own eyes the innovation of this Starfield.


Since the beginning of the world, there has been an inextricable link between the stars and life. The legendary Archmage Abel spent a lot of time studying this connection and drew a mysterious star map.

After the event Magic Catastrophe, Abel disappeared and the map was lost. Rumor has it that there is a great secret in the star map, and if you get it, you can use the power of the stars to awaken your mysterious abilities.

When the star map was brought out of the desert by the messenger of the White Tower, the heroes also got new goals.

How does Star Map Magnum Quest works

The Star Map is a step by step system for upgrading Skills for Heroes. In order to pump the next Skill, you must first complete the evolution of the previous one to the maximum.

You can find the entrance to the Star Map menu in the Heroes tab on the main screen, then go to your Hero card.


Star Map will be available after the hero’s quality reaches Gold IV tier. There are two conditions for opening access to the Star Map:

  • Golden Hero,
  • Development level 4+ Stars.

Star Map Rules

  1. Activating and upgrading Star Map can improve the attributes of this hero, and the final bonus to the attributes is related to the hero’s level.
  2. For most Star Map nodes, only one of the three attributes can be selected to activate and upgrade, and after the activation, other Star Map nodes of the same
    position can’t be selected at the same time.

Featured Skills

Activate the specified Star Map node to gain additional featured skills. For example, the first transition of the Hero is associated with the Skill of his Faction (Shadow, Wild, and so on).

There are two types of Map Upgrades:

  • Upgrade Stats (For example: ATK, HP, DEF, MARK, CRIT, CRIT. DMG, Speed, Max DMG, etc.),
  • Activate Skills (it upgrades Hero’s basic skills, for ex: pump for Bloodlust).

Reset Rules

Dragonshards can be consumed to reset the Star Map of a single hero, and the Stars of Origin will be returned after the reset. When upgrading or activating the hero Star Map again, Stars of Origin will be consumed first and no additional items will be consumed. The star of origin obtained by resetting a hero can only be used for the hero itself.

Item Source

Each Hero has different options for Activate Skills based on their main Skills, as well as their Faction and Hero Type. Class and Faction Symbols are used to level up Skills.

There are several methods through which the items required to update the Star Maps can be obtained. These include completing Hunt Actions within the Hunter’s League (excluding Epic Actions), and buying them in the ordinary store (Blessing of Light). The purchase of special items in the store started earlier, together with the announcement of the update.


Since a fairly decent amount of farming through the Hunter’s League is required to get scrolls and as a rewars special Symbols, which pump the Skill and open the next step in the development branch, try to rationally use the Star Card opportunities in Magnum Quest and firstly improve the Heroes from the Tier List. And rather rare symbols, such as Factional signs of the Abyss or Divinity, are not so easy to obtain, and they rarely drop out of scrolls. So get your priorities right.

However, for some characters, the use of the Star Map skill is especially interesting. Ares becomes even more powerful, can take more health with his Leech skill. Derla also gains special bonuses to her magical abilities. In general, this improvement should give an excellent boost for the passage of the Campaign.

Upgrade the Magnum Quest Star Map and share your impressions in the comments below. Good luck everyone!

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