Plane Expeditions Season Ⅲ

Greetings adventurers!

New season of Plane Expeditions is coming back really soon, it’s time to get ready for it!

Heroes from Forest Faction are barred in this season.

Event time: UTC 2022/03/25 – 04/03

Event rewards:

  • Heroes,
  • Arcane Impression Cards,
  • Exclusive Skins,
  • Portraits,
  • Guardian’s Treasure Boxes,
  • Guardian’s Gift Boxes,
  • Purifying Stone Optional Chests,
  • Element Powder.

2 thoughts on “Plane Expeditions Season Ⅲ”

  1. This event is not friendly for new players ,Hardly to achieved rank for entitle rewards ,We need more new players event or reward,Please reactivate those expire code for user players like us we need the resources badly

    1. Agree the Elite Guilds and Players will always collect the good rewards. As we new players level up so do the Elite Players so these events will never produce rewards for new and existing players.

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