Happy Spring Festival Eve and Happy the Year of the Tiger

Every year when the Spring Festival arrives, it means the winter is quietly gone without you knowing it and the Spring is going to hold you with a gust of soft wind.
Even if you’ve never known about this festival, it doesn’t matter – who will reject an extra share of blessedness, moreover, the spirit of the festival itself is “reunion” and “the harmony brings wealth”.

This time we also have prepared a pack of gifts for you, thank you all for your continued support and encouragement! Please claim your Spring Festival Gift at the In-Game Mail.


  • Dragonshard x1000
  • Hero XP Scrolls (six-hour) x4
  • Customize Chests of Light x20
  • Jiaozi x50
  • Gold 1000K

At this moment when families and friends are celebrating Chinese New Year’s eve, let’s make a toast to the very start of a year full of hope and fortune!

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