Guild Matches Event

Greetings Adventurers!
Event Guild Matches is about to be released in the next version! Have a look at the previews and Get Prepared for the honor of your guild!
*For specific rules please check the event Rules in game after the update.

Contestant Requirements:

  1. Clear Campaign stage 12-40;
  2. Log into the game within the 2 days prior to (and including) the application day.

Rewards Preview:

Dragon Shards, Blueprints (Essential for forging gear pieces), Guild Badges.

Guild Match Schedule (UTC):

  • Application: 00:00:00-23:59:59 on Tuesdays
  • Matchmaking: 00:30:00-00:40:00 on Wednesdays
  • Challenge: 08:00:00 Wednesdays-22:00:00 Thursdays
  • Settlement: 22:00:00 Thursdays – 23:59:59 Fridays



  1. Guild Masters or Elites:
    Masters and Elites are required to manually tap the “Apply” button.
  2. Guild Members:
    All qualifying members in the guild are automatically enlisted as contestants and entered in the competition.
  3. Defense Lineups:
    All contestants are required to determine their defense lineups during the application period.
    (If the lineup is left undetermined, the system will automatically utilize the defense lineup from the [Sacengate Tournament] for all first timers, and the defense lineup used in the last season for contestants.)

Elite Force

Only Guild Masters or Elites may assign guild members to the Elite Force, which may include at most 5 members and earn extra rewards from challenges, but when a member of the Elite Force is defeated, the opponent earns triple the points.


The system will calculate the sum of the ratings of the best rated lineups used by
each of them in their campaign battles, and match the guild with one of similar strength to compete with.


  1. Points:
    Each contestant has 3 challenge attempts and can endure 3 defeats. All contestants will engage in 1 on 1 battles against those from the rivaling guild. Winning earns 3 points, losing earns 1 point, defeating rivaling elite forces earns triple the points.
  2. Defense Lineups:
    All contestants may alter their defense lineups at any time. (Heroes in their free trial period may not be fielded for either offense or defense.)
  3. Challenge Rewards
    A contestant is entitled to the challenge rewards regardless of the outcome of the battle. Members of elite forces earn additional rewards on top of that.


  1. Settlement Rewards:
    In the settlement period, winners and losers are determined by the total points earned. All constants who have earned at least 1 point are entitled to the settled rewards.
  2. MVP:
    The system will pick an MVP that will receive additional MVP rewards from the two rivaling guilds based on the total points earned throughout the challenge period.

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  1. Vitor Angelo Baeta Damasceno

    So real GvG is finally here, great news, i cannot wait to have it launched.

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