Runes in Magnum Quest are an essential item for any hero. With them hero can increase the attack or survivability. They are unlocked when you complete stage 20 of chapter 14 of the “BATTLE” mode. You can find out all opening functions in the game in this article

Runes stats Magnum Quest

*the number of unique characteristics is equal to the number of stars on the rune

StatBronze (max 3)Silver (max 4)Gold (max 5)
CRIT DMG16%30%40%
CRIT RES12%24%32%

PHYDMG – physical damage
MAGDMG – magic damage
CRIT RES – resistance to crit. hits
HIT – hit accuracy
CRIT – critical hit chance
CRIT DMG – critical hit power
DMG – hit damage
HST – haste
DDG – dodge

Rune bonuses

TypeBronze (opens on 3*)Silver (opens on 4*)Gold (opens on 5*)
RedIncreases ATTACK by 1% every 3 seconds throughout the battleAdditionally increases CRITICAL DAMAGE by 1 point every 3 secondsIncreases ATTACK by 1.5% and CRITICAL DAMAGE by 2 points every 3 seconds
GreenGains 10 points of ENERGY per second throughout the battleThe ENERGY gained per second increases to 15 pointsThe ENERGY gained per second increases to 20 points
BlueIncreases DEFENSE by 1% and restores 1% of max HP every 3 seconds throughout the battleThe DEFENSE bonus increases to 1.5%The restore of max HP increases to 2%

We advise you to read the guide on the recommended runes for the heroes of the Magnum Quest.

6 thoughts on “Runes”

  1. What is meaning of :
    hit energy restore and attack energy restore?
    We need Explain for this new state added on runes

    1. After the update, when runestones are enhanced, new types of attribute entries may be randomly generated. The attributes of the new type include: increased +PDMG, +MDMG, leech level, and attack energy restore (the energy generated each time the skill is released Increase the percentage of recovery), hit energy restore (increased percentage of energy recovery generated each time you are hit).

  2. Very confusing, drop rate low and popular stats hard to come by. A weak point for the game and will be impossible to get what you want.

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