Version Update Preview

Preview of Version Content

Greetings, Adventurers!

Thank you all for your attention and support for “Magnum Quest”!

Version 2.0 is about to be released. Let’s take a look at the brand-new content of this update together!

Brand New Development System

  1. New Hero Growth Line: A new hero growth system that enhances quality and boosts hero strength!
  2. New Arcane Star Chart System: Enhance the strength of all heroes through the comprehension of stellar, allowing for arcana breakthroughs and awakenings.
  3. New Beast System: After activating a beast, upgrades, potentials, and awakenings can be cultivated. The beast can enter the battlefield, unleash exclusive skills, and enhance overall battle power!
  4. New Artifact System: Upgrade ascension, awaken, enchant, and cultivate artifacts to increase special skills in battle and enhance the overall strength of all heroes!
  5. We have updated the development systems for gear, special weapons, runes, and more: Diverse development content to assist you on your adventurous journey!

Brand New Gameplay

  1. New Character Selection: Adventurers can freely choose companions to explore with after entering the game!
  2. New Continent Exploration: Explore a brand new main storyline in the land of Amda, collecting chests and scattered adventure companions throughout the map.
  3. New Ethereal Trial Dungeon: Conquer the three great beasts, win activation items and development items, and gain the powerful assistance of these beasts!
  4. New Daily Dungeon Gameplay: Complete daily dungeons to win Dragon Vault!
  5. New Multi-angle Combat: During battles, you can switch between different angles for an immersive adventure experience!

Brand New Event Gameplay

  1. Goddess’s Gift: Reach level 12, and log in daily to receive a free 10x draw!
  2. Level Rewards: Increase your adventurer level to receive generous rewards!
  3. Hero Rally: Gather heroes to earn valuable rewards, and Lilian will join.
  4. Eternal Chapter: Hero advancements, splendid gifts, and receiving great rewards when hero quality reaches the standard!
  5. 8-Day Sign-in: Claim Ixi, the Cute Fox, to your adventurer hero team!
  6. Honor Trial: Complete Honor Trial tasks and collect the certificate of recognition from sages!

The above is all the exclusive preview content for the upcoming update. The final update content is subject to the game!

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