Update 12-24-2021

The server will be down for maintenance updates on 24/12/2021 07:00-08:00 UTC, which will last for 1 hour. During this period you will not be able to log in to the game. After the update, the compensation for the maintenance will be sent via in-game mail.

Content Optimization

  • Hecreyja’s Magic Eggs: After being reset for the first time, the prize pool will yield different prizes in the future.
  • In the process of levelling up your heroes, if you have inadequate resource at hand but have spare in your bag, the system will automatically bring up a new window for your prompt access.
  • When viewing other adventurers’ battle replays, you’ll find a new feature on the battle stats page that’ll allow you to quickly save the lineup used in the battle to your own presets.
  • The enemy configuration has been optimized for some of the stages from Chapter 20 to Chapter 30 in Act One.
  • We have fixed the issue where you might be unable to return to the lineup adjustment page correctly when fielding multiple teams to battles throughout Act Two.
  • We have fixed the issue where the Arcane Impression Cards used in the last battle weren’t automatically saved to the lineup in certain gameplays.
  • We have corrected the misplaced English descriptions of two Star Map skills of Naomi, aka “Life Seeker ”: “Thorough Therapy [Ultimate] and “Blessing Therapy ”.
  • We have fixed the issue where the filter occasionally failed to function in the “Modify Lineups ” feature.
  • The tooltips and help texts of certain interfaces have been optimized.

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