Update 08-26-2021

Server Maintenance Notice

The server will be down for maintenance updates on <08/26/2021 2:00-3:00 UTC>, which will last for 1 hour. During this period, you will not be able to log in to the game.
After the update, we will send 300 Dragonshards to you via in-game email as compensation for the maintenance.

The Under Palace Event

Recently, a messenger from the White Tower discovered a huge underground palace directly below the Leiston’s Palace, it houses a large number of undead soldiers on drugs. Some of them have become delirious and regard killing as their only objective.
In order to prevent these undead soldiers from leaving the underground palace, this messenger hopes a heroic adventurer would come to the rescue and defeat these demonized soldiers and save the innocent residents of Leistons.
After the update, adventurers can click on the Event button at the bottom left of the main interface to open the event interface to participate in the Under Palace Event activity.

Event time:UTC 2021/08/30-2021/09/12

Participation requirement: Complete stage 5-8

Prize: Gold Soul Dice, Silver Soul Dice, Dragonshards, Gold and many more

Optimized content

  • 4 new exploration missions will be added to the Bounty ledger of the Hunting Action, after the update, adventurers would have the opportunity to receive them after using the Hunt token.
  • Information display and operation experience in the magic list will be optimized. After the update, click on the hero’s avatar on the left side of the magic list interface to directly remove the hero from the list.
  • Adjusted the conditions required to open the WHITE TOWER HERO ORDER, adventurers need to clear level 2-18.
  • Sliding strategy of ascending heroes will be be optimized, adventurers can now easily select it as heroes’ material.
  • In the hero restoration/advance/retire interface, when there is no operable hero in the hero list, a text prompt would appear.

In the Under Palace event

  • When resetting the event, the number of Skeleton Key will not reset too.
  • New missions will be added and the requirements needed to complete some of these missions will be lowered.
  • After entering the event dungeon, you will be able to check the task progress and receive task rewards at any time.


  • The skin of Leiston’s Light Cinia will be listed on the merchant store, and the error in the name of her skin will be corrected.
  • Issues of payment error in White Tower Hero Order will be fixed.
  • Fix an abnormal sound effects that may occur when receiving leaderboard rewards.
  • Optimize the text and font size of some interfaces.
    Magnum Quest Team

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