Update 08-05-2021

Dear adventurer,
Thank you for your patience. The update has been completed, while the mail comes with the update compensation. Please check. The following are the patch notes:


  • The Ranking will collect the deeds of outstanding adventurers in the Armada Continent, which can be found by tapping the Collection in the main interface. (The Ranking can’t collect the complete adventurer’s deeds before this update. It will make an accurate record of the information after the update).

Runestone Bag

  • In the bag you can see all you have runes, if desired, they can be exchanged for resources to enhance other runes.
  • Adding Resources of Light to Summon Dragon.

Other content

  • Optimized some contents related to the new player experience.

2 thoughts on “Update 08-05-2021”

  1. I.m.o I would like to see more fodder units also for battles.
    Now there is allot of same teams you need to fight that starts to bore
    Next to that some more Adventures and other gamemodes.
    Or if thats not possible in the near future, Events are a good way to keep us active =D

  2. Game going live on 13/8/2021? Still want to see 5 star equipment in guild shop, and not just a random 1 a week. 3 or 4 would be good! No problem with price!

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