Update 07-26-2021

Dear adventurers, The servers will go down for a 3-hour long update & maintenance between 2:00-5:00 (UTC) on 7/26/2021, during which you will be unable to log in to the game. After the update we will be sending everyone a compensation of 900 Dragon cards via mail. This time’s update contains the following:

New Heroes

Smarty-Pants Harry from the Wild faction. With this hero comes the ability to try new heroes out! You can try out new heroes by tapping New Companions from within the main menu!

New Features

Magic List

The Magic List is a new addition to Summons. Choose the
heroes you want to obtain to raise your chance at obtaining
them from Basic Summon, Faction Summon, and Friend
Summon. Do note that this does not change your change at
obtaining Gold-tier heroes.

Hot List

A place where you can view the popularity of heroes across
various game modes. Tap on PORTRAITS in the main menu to
find it.

Hero Changes

Dragon Blood Witch Flann
Slightly reduced the reaction speed of Flann’s [Witch’s Hunt] skill while auto is active.

Archmage Winden
Tuned many values and effects of all Winden’s skills. This tuning will greatly improve Winden’s damage potential. You can check his skills after the update for more detailed info.

The Condemned Monroe
Tuned many values and effects of all Monroe’s skills. These tuning will allow Monroe to apply more potent debuffs, increase his damage slightly, and boost his survivability when faced with multiple foes. You can check his skills after the update for more detailed info.

GhostKing Julien
Tuned many values and effects of all Julien’s skills. This tuning will improve Julien’s survivability and boost his damage slightly. You can check his skills after the update for more detailed info.

The Sinful Crown Derla
Improved the special effect of Derla’s [Skeleton Armor] skill.

Other skill changes:
[heal block] change: [heal block] will now prevent all types of healing, including [leech], whereas it previously only prevented recovery from healing.

Star Map Changes

After receiving feedback from you all, we have decided to improve the Star Map experience. Star Map upgrade materials dropping from Hunting Actions will be changed into a unique currency with which you can choose which Star Map upgrade materials you wish to buy from a corresponding shop. Adjusted the order and value of some stat nodes, taking them in line with others. We will be issuing a mail with more info and compensation following the update.

Changes & Improvements

  1. Added a new option for daily quests: Challenge any Awakened Demons 1 time (can be done via Quick Challenge). You must have unlocked the prerequisite quest for Awakened Demons to appear.
  2. Added a new option for daily quests: Complete 15 Hunting Actions. You must have unlocked the prerequisite quest for Hunting Actions to appear.
  3. A red exclamation mark will now be visible in the top-left corner of your Bag menu whenever a hero’s Star Map or Runestones can be upgraded. Tap it to quickly head to the relevant menu.
  4. We have improved the order in which Star Map items are displayed in the Bag, as per requested.
  5. Added the ability to Revert heroes. This will be of great help for Adventurers who have upgraded the wrong heroes: You may use revert should you own two or more copies of a natural gold-tier hero of Gold I or higher (may be upgraded to Legendary V). Doing so will revert the least upgraded copy. Check in-game for more information.
  6. Improved the effects and values of some gear cards, making them more interesting to use in Raids, Trials, and the Fairhaven Trial.
  7. Improved how [CRIT DMG] values are displayed within heroes’ stat info: Following the update CRIT DMG is displayed as a total multiplayer, whereas it previously showed your base multipliers plus an extra multiplayer.
  8. Resolved an issue where Greedy Engulfer Shatrol’s [Devour] skill wasn’t properly cast in certain situations.
  9. You may now buy gear enhancement items in the Quilt Shop. The Revenant Aeluin’s [Golden Dawn] skin is now for sale in the Shop.
  10. Improved how content is displayed during tutorials.
  11. Improved the descriptions of some actions in menus.
  12. Improved the art of some combat areas.
  13. Resolved issue with the misnaming of Jade Eyes lone and Night Priestess Merialeth’s skills in a few places.
  14. Resolved an issue where sending a Guild Card would sometimes create an issue with text.

The aforementioned is all the new content of this update. Should you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us via Customer Support from in game or send us an e-mail to support@magnumquest.com.

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