Update 06-29-2021

Today, June 29 2021, when we entered the game, a letter from the developers was waiting for us in the mailbox, in which we were informed about the new update.

Hunter Reward Order:
Hunter Reward Order is now available in Hunter’s League. By participating in the Hunter Reward Order, you can obtain a large amount of resources for the Star Map.
Unlock condition: Pass the Stage 10-40 and the Hunter’s League reaches Lv.5.

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Hunter Reward Order

Hunter Wanted Orders are another battlepass system where, in a free version, you receive rewards for completing Contracts or Hunting Actions. In the paid version, you get more rewards for the same earned Hunter Medallions.

  1. The event season of Hunter Reward Order is 44 days, after one soneason the event will be refreshed.
  2. Adventurers can complete Bounty Quests or use the Hunt Token to claim and complete the Hunting Action to obtain Hunter Medallions. The more Hunter Medallions you get, the more Hunter Reward Orders you unlock!
  3. When the Hunter Reward Order is refreshed, all available but unclaimed rewards will be issued by mail.
  4. When the Hunter Reward Order is refreshed, the Hunter Reward Order’s rank will be raised according to the unlocked rewards. The initial rank is 1 and the maximum is 5. The higher the rank, the more generous the Hunter Reward Order rewards unlocked!
  5. Adventurers can purchase Hunter Medallion packs to quickly unlock Hunter Reward Order rewards.
  6. Purchased Hunter Reward Orders are only valid for the current season.
  7. In each season (44 days), the higher your reward level (more rewards you unlock), the more Hunter EXP you can gain; The Hunter EXP vou have gained will be displayed after the season is settled.

Good Luck in Mugnum Quest!

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