Update 06-03-2022

Dear adventurers,
We have scheduled to shut down and maintain our servers for the latest update from 7:00-8:00 June 3th, 2022, UTC. You will not be able to log into the game during the maintenance, but when the update is complete, we will send 300 Dragon Shards to you via the in-game mail system as a compensation for your inconvenience. Here are the changes we’ve made for this update:

Adjustments and Optimizations

  1. Lowered the unlock conditions for Star Map: it is now unlocked when a hero reaches the Gold-III tier.
  2. For all heroes with Star Maps, the Star Map entrance will always be displayed in the hero info UI, even when the Star Map isn’t activated.
  3. Lowered the unlock conditions for Hunting Action: it is now unlocked after stage 8-40 in CAMPAIGN is cleared and the Hunter’s League reaches LV2.
  4. Largely optimized the structure of the gear management UI.
  5. Added corresponding UI expressions when a new region in the WORLD is unlocked.
  6. Adjusted the number of levels in some of the Dungeons of Mystery.
  7. Fixed the issue where Ryan, aka the Light Devourer’s skill status icons weren’t displayed correctly.
  8. Fixed the issue where some special FX weren’t displayed correctly in the MONTHLY CARD UI.
  9. Corrected some UI text errors.

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