Update 05-25-2022

Greetings adventurers!

We have scheduled to shut down and maintain our servers for the latest update from 7:00-8:00 May 25, 2022, UTC. You will not be able to log into the game during the maintenance, but when the update is complete, we will send 300 Dragon Shards to you via the in-game mail system as a compensation for your inconvenience. Here are the changes we’ve made for this update:

New event LUCKY ROLL is opening soon

During the event, you may use Lucky Dice to win prizes.

Event time: May 26 – Jun 08, 2022, UTC.

Event rewards:

  • Heroes, Runestones,
  • Gold Soul Dice,
  • Silver Soul Dice, etc.

Event adjustments: added new feature Desfort’s Vault. You can acquire Brown Liquor during the event and exchange for various prizes at Desfort’s Vault.

Adjustments and Optimizations

  1. There’s a chance the guild store may offer a new item for sale: Flame of Truth. This item can be used to improve the success rate of forging gear pieces.
  2. During Idle Dispatches, the amount of gear enhancement materials dropped by demons of certain levels has increased slightly.
  3. Optimized the red exclamation mark tips regarding gear pieces.
  4. Optimized the difficulty level of some challenges in AWAKENED DEMONS.
  5. Optimized the reward settlement UI in DUNGEONS OF MYSTERY in the WORLD.
  6. You may quickly jump to the battle location in the WORLD when partaking in the SCRAMBLE FOR RESOURCES.
  7. During the challenge period of the SCRAMBLE FOR RESOURCES, the banner of the adventurer’s guild and the info of the guild master will be displayed on a higher priority amongst all banners around the ancient architecture.
  8. Added a new quick link button in the character detail UI for quick review of faction popularity.
  9. Optimized the visual presentation of Ryan, aka the Light Devourer.
  10. Optimized and corrected some texts.

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