Update 04-29-2022

Dear adventurers,
We have scheduled a server shutdown and maintenance for the latest game update from 14:30 – 15:30 UTC.
Here are the changes we’ve made for this update:

Optimizations and fixes:

  1. Battle difficulty against Shatrol at LV1 has been lowered. Its skill [Devour] proved to be too punishing for new adventurers.
  2. The difficulty of some multi-team battles in the WORLD has been optimized.
  3. When viewing the RAID and AWAKENDED DEMONS tabs inside the WORLD, the locked/unlocked status of each raid and demon is now displayed very clearly.
  4. Added in red exclamation marks throughout the WORLD to offer relevant tips, optimized some of the interaction mechanisms in the WORLD. We will keep optimizing the interactive experience of WORLD related contents.
  5. Fixed the issue where the level up UI might pop up for SQUAD members by mistake.
  6. Fixed the issue where the battle settings weren’t up to expectations in Hidden Realms of the WORLD.
  7. Fixed the issue where the refresh notification text in the regular store was incorrect.
  8. Fixed the issue where the trigger conditions of the Roving Trader were described incorrectly in its UI.
  9. Optimized the user experience of some paid services.
  10. Adjusted the reward content of the series quests that require the number of heroes in MISSIONS- CAMPAIGN.

3 thoughts on “Update 04-29-2022”

  1. The new update has a lot of bugs. I cant explore any world on the map except the first one.plz fix

  2. Hai ragione, a me sono sparite le ricompense infinite 1000 e l’evento Hista. Per favore rimettete a posto le cose

  3. The game is all messed up. This last update is very bugged.

    The Red Exclamation marks don’t disappear, and the change of scenarios leaves shadow scenarios behind.

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