Update 04-26-2022

Update Announcement
We have scheduled to shut down and maintain our servers for the latest update from 7:00-10:00 Apr 26, 2022, UTC. You will not be able to log into the game during these 3 hours, but when the update is complete, we will send 900 Dragon Shards to you via the in-game mail system as a compensation for your inconvenience.

Here are the changes we’ve made for this update:

New Event: Endless Free Summons
To celebrate the release of a whole new version of our game as well as to express our gratitude for the support and feedback from all the adventurers, we will launch a new event: Endless Free Summons.
Event rewards: Draw Coupon x 1000,Ares skin [Warchief] and portrait frames (limited-time offer).

New Event: Adventurer’s Book
Hista is looking for a book said to be written by the renowned adventurer Desfort, which documented all the human nations he had visited and their unique customs. The book fragments are scattered all over the continent, if you could collect them for Hista, she would be very grateful.
Event time: After the update is complete – Jun 11, 2022.
Event description: During the event, complete event missions by retrieving Book Fragments to earn great rewards.
Event rewards: Hista, Hista skin [Blooded Feather], Customize Chest of Light, Gold Soul Dice, Silver Soul Dice.

A Whole New World, A Whole New Adventure

After the update, you’ll be able to find the new feature [World] on the home screen. A whole new adventure awaits you!

  1. Explore the world, save the settlements
    Four regions will be accessible in this update, each has its unique events, settlements, hidden realms, and other rich contents for you to discover.
  2. Stop the Fallen One’s Puppet Corps, join the scramble for resources
    The four regions in the accessible world are home to four ancient architectures, the Puppet Corps have been eyeing the large energy mines inside them. Adventurers, please answer the call of assembly once again and form up an alliance to repel the Puppet Corps! Guilds that make outstanding contributions will receive the blessings from the ancient architectures.
    Schedule: Each week, guilds may submit their applications during weekdays and campaign against the Puppet Corps on Saturdays and Sundays. (Application period for the first launch may differ, please pay attention to the in-game announcements.)

A New Hero

Shael, aka [Master Builder] from the Forest faction. With the arrival of a new hero, we have made it possible for you to try them out before summoning them. To do so, simply tap [New Companions] on the home screen.

Gear System Adjustments

  1. Newly added [Forge] feature and a new [Legendary] tier for the gear.
    After the update, you may improve the tier of a gear piece via forging by consuming blueprints and certain materials, all the way up to Legendary – III.
    When a gear piece reaches the Legendary tier, it acquires a new and unique property.
    (only set gear pieces may undergo forging.)
  2. Newly added two types of gear sets
    New gear sets and their blueprints will be available in the Guild Store, don’t forget to check them out after the update is complete.
  3. Misc.
    The names and icons of most existing gear pieces have been updated, with their stats untouched.
    Gear sets no longer have occupation restrictions, you’ll be able to combine and apply gear pieces more freely.
    Added gear resonation. When all the gear pieces worn by a hero are enhanced to the same level or quality, they will receive a boost in the stats.
    The upper limit for gear piece enhancement is raised to LV8.

Adjustments of Awakened Demons

  1. Adjustments of game progress requirements
    Greedy Engulfer: Shatrol, now unlocks after clearing stage 4-18 in Battle.
    Tyrannical Ruler: Fafnir, now unlocks after clearing stage 9-18 in Battle.
    Frost Giant: Dumtior, now unlocks after clearing stage 12-20 in Battle.
    2.Reward adjustments
    After the update, the Quick Battle feature will be removed and replaced with Idle Dispatch to earn you rewards.
    All unused White Tower Gifts will be replaced with [Drum of Fury (24 Hours)], which can be used to improve the efficiency of your Idle Dispatches.

Guild System Adjustments

Influenced by the Fallen One, the Puppet Corps are planning to attack the Ancient Architectures. The guild event originally titled [Puppet Corps] will be replaced with [The Scramble for Resources].

Idle Reward Adjustments

  1. Idle reward efficiency adjustments
    In any given period, with higher idle reward efficiency, you may claim more idle rewards. You may improve idle reward efficiency via the following methods:
    As you progress further in Battle, you get a higher idle reward efficiency in Adventurer XP.
    As you progress further in Dungeons, you get a higher idle reward efficiency in hero XP.
    Various settlements across the World may improve your idle reward efficiency in hero XP, Beryl, and Gold respectively.
    Exploring and defending the Ancient Architectures in the World can also improve your idle reward efficiency in Beryl.
  2. Newly added Idle Dispatch feature
    After unlocking [Awakened Demons], you may dispatch a detachment of heroes to fight the demons and earn rewards including gear enhancements, gear blueprints, gear pieces, runestones, etc.
    When it comes to Idle Dispatches, the higher level of demons you fight, the higher the combat efficiency your detachment is, the more idle reward you’ll get in return.

Adjustments and Optimizations

  1. The Under Palace will now open at 00:00 every Monday and last for two weeks.
  2. Some of the stats of the runestones have been adjusted to make them more balanced.
  3. Leaderboards will now be unlocked after clearing stage 4-36 in Battle.
  4. Dungeon will now be unlocked after clearing stage 14-20 in Battle.
  5. As the progress requirements to unlock Dungeons have changed, the Dungeons leaderboard is disabled temporarily.
  6. Harry, aka Smarty-Pants’ skill, Master of War, no longer affects himself.
  7. All mails are now categorized into regular mails and system mails.
  8. New categories have been added to the stores, please check them out in the game.
  9. The guild filtering function is no longer applicable and have been disabled.
  10. The touch area on the screen to access Squad has been optimized.
  11. The UI expression when a Sage Stone reaches maximum level has been optimized.
  12. The UI experience for selecting servers has been optimized.

7 thoughts on “Update 04-26-2022”

  1. One of hidden realms has 2/3 treasures, you have to kill 2 bosses there separately. Just check it and you will get 100%

  2. Did anyone have issue with complete the exploration progress of the emerald plain region? I complete everything and still at 94%. Wtf!

  3. why are Hunter scrolls not dropping anymore? It’s been 4 days I have not gotten one in idle reward.

  4. How do you switch awakened demons in idle mode. I can only dispatch to shatrol. I have finished all the demons but will only dispatch to shatrol and wont let me back out or add another.

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