Hotfix 06-19-2021

Dear adventurers, there was a mini update in the form of a hotfix for Magnum Quest. The support team explained what the update is.

“Thank you for your patience, the update has been completed.
We have just completed a temporary maintenance update, please check the attachment for your compensation. 300 Dragon Shards (x2) have been attached to this mail as the compensation for the update. Following is the update content description. Followed are the details of this update”.


  • Optimized server stability.
  • In the hero details interface, the expression of hero feature rating has been changed, please check the details in the game.

Hero Adjustments

  • Dragon Blood Witch Flann. Fixed the issue where the skill [Witch’s Hunt] sometimes fails to cast when the casting conditions are met in auto mode.
  • Night Priestess Merialeth. Improved the casting priority of the skill [Predator Instinct], making this skill easier to be cast. Before: The skill [Predator Instinct] can’t be forcedly cast during the casting of the skill [Puppet on Strings], regardless of manual or auto mode. Adjusted: Allow the manual casting of the skill [Predator Instinct] during the casting of the skill [Puppet on Strings]; Allow the auto casting of the skill [Predator Instinct] during the start and restore of casting the skill [Puppet on Strings] in auto mode.

Star Map Adjustment

Fixed the wrong description of skill [Thorough Therapy], please check for details in the game in Star Map menu.

Other Adjustments

  • The display of the current resources gaining efficiency has been added to the Fast Reward interface.
  • Fixed the issue where some equipment cards would lead to incorrect damage calculation under certain circumstances.
  • Optimized the display of some text contents.

Listed above are all the changes in our new version. In case of any question, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team via the in-game support service or
Magnum Quest Team.

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