The Under Palace Event 2021-8-30 – 2021-9-12

Event The Under Palace will start 2021-8-30 and end 2021-9-12

  1. The maze has 5 levels. Defeat the boss of each level to enter the next one. Defeat the final boss on the 5th level to clear the maze
  2. The terrain, enemy types, rewards and your spawn point in the maze are random
  3. In the maze, players may receive hidden cards and strong heroes (applies to maze only) to get through. Explore your ways to obtain them)
  4. During the challenge, you can reset the maze if necessary, but please note that once you reset the maze, despite your current progress, you will have to start over from the 1st level, and the terrain, enemy types, rewards and your spawn point will be reset as well
  5. You can get equipment from specific buildings or by defeating Elite or stronger enemies in the maze. Equipment will make your challenge easier
  6. During the challenge, you can complete quests to win good rewards
  7. The equipment obtained in the maze will only be counted once, and will not be regarded as newly acquired equipment after enhancement.

The event is divided into 2 stages, each of which lasts 1 week. In the first week, you have to complete certain tasks, such as “Complete maze level 5” or “Complete the maze without using the skeleton key.” You can read more about the event and the rules in a previously published article –

According to general calculations, to complete the entire task, you must go through the maze at least 3 times. Difficulties are caused by the task “Get 24 pieces of Gold equipment”, that is, for all the passage you need to collect 24+ gold relics-enhancements. In one full playthrough (cleaning all rooms), we were able to collect only 8 pieces.

Good luck!

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  1. So the legendary in the cage that’s locked by 1 key, is that for the event only or do you get her?

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