The Under Palace 2021/10/11 – 2021/10/24

The Under Palace will come back soon!
[ A messenger from the White Tower recently found a gigantic underground palace beneath the royal palace of Leiston, which contained masses of doom warriors that seemed to be fed with various concoctions. Some had already lost their minds completely, roaming about solely to kill others.]

To prevent these doom warriors from leaving the underground palace, the messenger wished for a valiant adventurer to eradicate them and rescue the innocent citizens of Leiston.

Event Time: From UTC 2021/10/11 to 2021/10/24

Requirement: Clear stage 5-8.


  • Feng-Grandmaster Skin
  • Gold Soul Dice
  • Silver Soul Dice
  • Dragonshards
  • Gold, etc.

Content Changes:

  1. Added a series of rewards related to exploration progress.
  2. Adjusted the acquisition method for Gear Chests. Now they cannot be acquired from normal battles and Special Events.
  3. Added an acquisition method for Skeleton Keys.
  4. Improved the uses for Skeleton Keys in some places.
  5. Adjusted the number of buff buildings produced. Now they cannot be acquired from defeating normal monsters but can be redeemed with keys from random NPCs.
  6. Increased the types and functions of NPCs.
  7. Adjusted the map structures and increased the NPCs of the first 4 stages.
  8. Improved the overall difficulties of The Under Palace.

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