The Purple Cloud Event 2022/01/26 – 2022/02/10

The Purple Cloud Brings Fortune from the East.
In the mysterious east, the Spring Festival is a grand holiday which involves numerous celebrations and spans across a long period of time. Of all the festival activities, temple fairs are the most fun and bustling. People enjoy snacks, drinks, and attractions around the fairground full of celebratory energy.
The eastern travelers are decorating the streets and preparing for the Spring Festival activities held in Trassvertian in several days.
Log in to the game during the season of Spring Festival, get a share of fortune and happiness!

Event: The Purple Cloud Brings Fortune from the East

Earn great rewards by staying online in the game while the event is active!

Event time: UTC 2022/01/26 – 2022/02/10

Event rewards:

  • Festive Portrait Frames,
  • Guild Badges,
  • Dragonshards,
  • Beryls.

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