The Fairhaven Trial 2021-9-02 – 2021-9-15

THE FAIRHAVEN TRIAL is finally here!

This time it seems that we are going to have more exciting trials!

Every time before the darkness snuck back, our young, brave adventurers on the Armuda Continent would arm themselves to participate in the Fairhaven Trial, which means they must go through different trials to accomplish different missions.

That is the real champions’ choice. Because their effort and suffering would be well paid – they will gain all kinds of treasures which could help them become more powerful:

  • GOLD
  • etc.

If you were hoping to take the chest from “The Fairhaven Trial” event, we want to upset you. In this event, there will be no chest for 100 floors. Therefore, if you have already taken your avatar frame for the top 10 in the ranking before, you should not go beyond level 60 🙁

Besides, we will know who has real courage when the final battle comes.

GLORY shall be streamed onto them at the end.

Event Period: UTC 2021/09/02 – 2021/09/15

Be Brave And Get Prepared!

3 thoughts on “The Fairhaven Trial 2021-9-02 – 2021-9-15”

  1. Hi Team
    Hope you could see this review .
    My ID is Mrudy. Top one from S69, love this game and spent over 20000$ . For this event I felt very disappointed. This is our first time to participate in this activity but you guys didn’t mention only rank 1-10 could have FRAME REWARD . Lot of people didn’t know that .When we realized this problem people who from those old servers already completed lvl100 .Pls don’t do that again .anything you have to let everyone know ,not only for those guy in old servers .

  2. Espero de regalo a ares me hace mucha falta ese héroe se los agradeciera mucho y pienso que ese evento que se viene estará muy bueno

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