The Fairhaven Trial 2021/11/30 – 2021/12/13

New season of Fairhaven Trial will start soon!

The Fallen One is attacking once again, and word has spread across the land. To stand against the evil, the famed Fairhaven Academy has decided to hold a contest to quickly enhance their apprentices’ abilities.

Once the event starts, adventurers can find the button to the Fairhaven Trial in the Trials on the main menu.
*Please notice that there will not be rewards for the last 40 floors. Adventurers who enjoy tough battles can try to beat 61-100 for a higher challenge!

Event Time: From UTC 2021/11/30 to 2021/12/13

Requirement: Clear stage 7-20


  • Gold Soul Dice,
  • Silver Soul Dice,
  • Draw Coupon,
  • Beryl,
  • Gold, etc

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