The Fairhaven Trial 2021-10-07 – 2021-10-20

The Fairhaven Trial Will Begin Soon!

The news of the Fallen One’s reappearance has spread across the continent. In order to cope with the upcoming crisis, the famous mage school Fairhaven decided to hold a challenge contest to quickly improve the strength of the apprentices.

After the event opens, you can find the event entrance of the Fairhaven Trial in the Trial interface.

Event Time: UTC 2021/10/07 to 2021/10/20

Participation Requirement: Pass the Main 7-20

Event Rewards:

  • Gold Soul Dice,
  • Silver Soul Dice,
  • Common Summoning Ticket,
  • Beryl,
  • Gold,
  • etc.


  1. New [Quick Battle] function.You can gain experience from the defeated monsters to upgrade the Ancestor Spirits level.
  2. Adjusted the difficulty of the Fairhaven Trial levels to make the overall experience smoother.
  3. Optimized the Gear Card drops in level 1 to 60.

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