Thanksgiving Dinner 2021/11/25 – 2021/12/08

Welcome to the THANKSGIVING DINNER in Trassvertian!

Citizens of Trassvertian, the renowned free city of trade, are busy with ingredients of food to celebrate a festival of their own – Thanksgiving! Streets are filled with joy already! During the festival period, every single visitor will receive a gift from the city as a token of gratitude. To celebrate this unique holiday, the black market has prepared a grand turkey feast for all adventurers!

You’ll find these delicious Turkey Pies from the idle reward chest and exchange them for various prizes!

*Notice: Fast Rewards don’t drop any Turkey Pies.

Event Time: From UTC 2021/11/25 to 2021/12/08


  • Gold Soul Dices,
  • Silver Soul Dices,
  • Dragon Shards, etc.

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