Talented Limner 2022/04/15 – 2022/04/18

Dear happy Adventurers,

As Spring approaches and warm weather is slowly returning, a group of adventurous Armudians wandered into the mountains and discovered a gigantic nest in which were sitting many Golden Dragon eggs. Without producing any noise, they observed this magnificent and rare scene then left.
The sight of golden eggs reflecting under the sunlight was so beautiful that they decided to walk back to the village and celebrate the beautiful wonders of nature!

Event: Talented Limner

Let us celebrate with these Armudians here and have a story and drawing contest! Every contestant will have to draw their most beautiful Dragon Egg and, when posting, write a line or two about what the origin of these eggs might be, then submit it for the crowd to vote, with your player ID, server number and in-game nickname.
The top 3 drawings receiving the highest number of likes will earn the 3 big prizes, so make sure to share with your friends and vote for your favorite!

Event time:
From UTC 2022/04/15 to 2022/04/18 (The actual time is subject to the closing of the channel)

The winners of our contest will receive the following rewards in-game!
1st prize:

  • Adamantite Dragon Scales ★ 10
  • Dragonshard ★ 1000
  • A Large Pile of Hero XP Scrolls (six-hour) ★ 5
  • Silver Soul Dice ★ 240

2nd prize:

  • Draw Coupons ★ 10
  • Dragonshard ★ 1000
  • A Large Pile of Hero XP Scrolls (six-hour) ★ 3
  • Silver Soul Dice ★ 120

3rd prize:

  • Dragonshard ★ 1000
  • A Large Pile of Hero XP Scrolls (six-hour) ★ 1
  • Silver Soul Dice ★ 120

Random prize:
The lucky winner of our random draw will obtain the following rewards:

  • Dragonshard ★ 1000
  • A Large Pile of Hero XP Scrolls (six-hour) ★ 5
  • Silver Soul Dice ★ 120

To your pencils and let the sketch off begin!

Сontest is in discord server – https://discord.gg/ZWb9WWXH

Talented Limner event rules:

  1. Your picture has to suit the theme (you can use the model or draw a new one, at your preference)
  2. One message, one picture.
  3. One Participant can upload multiple times with different drawings.
  4. Game ID, Server number and Nickname in game are required in the message.
  5. If multiple participants gain the same number of votes, they will obtain the same ranking.
  6. When the event ends, the access to the channel will be closed until the results come out.
  7. Messages that fail to use the command will be deleted by us for clearer visibility.
  8. Misappropriating pictures of other players will be disqualified once reported and verified; pictures that are irrelevant to the event or violate the community rules will be handled according to our community rules.
  9. Spamming and actively creating a vile and unfair environment for other players will be punished by a 4 day ban.

How to participate

  1. Draw a picture of a Dragon Easter Egg. You are free to choose the medium, it can be hand-drawn, on your phone or on your computer etc.
  2. To upload your work please follow the steps:
    • Go to the contest channel by clicking here: talented-limner
    • Use the trigger -egg followed by your game ID, nick name and server number (do not send yet), then upload your drawing.
  3. Press Shift+enter to skip a line and start typing the story behind the mysterious eggs. Remember, one or two sentences ought to be enough.
  4. Push Enter or tap the Send key on your device. Be careful not to send the trigger without any attached file.
  5. If your message is met with a reaction :Adamantite_Dragon_Scales_mq: from the bot, then congrats! You’re one of the participants now! If you failed to upload your picture, no big deal, just delete your message and try it again.
  6. If you like someone’s drawing, please react to the message by clicking :Adamantite_Dragon_Scales_mq:.
    Let’s see whose drawings are the most popular! The top 3 participants who earn the most :Adamantite_Dragon_Scales_mq: will win our great prizes.

Good luck to everyone and get drawing!
Love to all of you And may the most talented artists win!!

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