Space-time Mirage 2021/09/16 – 2021/09/29

Space-time Mirage: Forest-Courtyard will be unlocked soon!

Affected by the power of the Fallen One’s darkness, magical imbalances in many places on the continent resulted in vortex gates with chaotic time and space. Recently, the warriors of the League of Moonlight discovered one in the Forest. Adventurers need to find out the secrets hidden behind the vortex.

Space-time Mirage: Forest-Courtyard

Event details: How things will go in a totally different time and space?
A Space-time Mirage will exist at the center of the Raid – Campaign, during the event, adventurers will explore different scenes in the Forest-Courtyard.

Event time: UTC 2021/09/16 to 2021/09/29

Event rewards: Heroes, Dragonshards, Gold soul dice, etc

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