Server Maintenance Notice 2021/11/24

Dear adventurers, The server will be down for maintenance updates on 24/11/2021 07:00-08:00 UTC, which will last for 1 hour. During this period, you will not be able to log in to the game.

After the update, we will send 300 Dragon Crystals to you via in-game email as compensation for the maintenance. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via in-game customer support or via email

Based on our experience, adventurers who can’t get the update automatically need to:

  1. Clear the cache for Google Play Store.
  2. Restart the game OR Search “Magnum Quest” in Google Play

Ongoing Events:

Polar Night Star: Just started! Recharge the Magic Formation by completing the quests of any node and get the rewards, not so hard.
Legacy of the Dead: Items has stopped dropping but you can still exchange rewards by your Candy! Don’t miss it!
Trials of the Dead: Event will end in less than 3 days!
Space-Time Mirage: Still going on! Explore the new map to get a Hista!

Upcoming Event “Thanksgiving Dinner”

These days, the renowned free city of trade, Trassvertian, is celebrating a festival of her own – Thanksgiving! To celebrate this unique holiday, the black market has prepared a grand turkey feast for all adventurers! You’ll be able to find these delicious Turkey Pies from the idle reward chest and exchange them for various rewards!

Event time: Nov 25 – Dec 08, 2021, UTC

Event rewards: Gold Soul Dice, Silver Soul Dice, Dragon Shards, etc.

Note: Turkey Pies are NOT included in the fast rewards.

Content Optimization

  • Fix the issue where the skill [Heritage of Nomads], used by Manton, aka Wilderness Shadow, could cause calculation errors after he had reached a high level. (This issue often occurred when he’s about LV 500).

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