Update 09-16-2021

We will be shutting down for maintenance updates at UTC 2021/09/16 7:00-9:00. The maintenance period will last for 2 hours. During this period, you will not be able to log into the game. After the update is over, we will send you 600 Dragonshards as compensation via in-game email. The following is the content of this maintenance update:

Event Space Time Mirage Launch: Forest-courtyard

Affected by the power of the Fallen One’s darkness, magical imbalances in many places on the continent resulted in vortex gates with chaotic time and space. Recently, the warriors from league of moonlight discovered one in the Forest. Adventurers need to find out the secrets hidden behind the vortex.
Event time: UTC 2021/09/16 to 2021/09/29.
Event rewards: Heroes, Dragonshards, Gold soul dice, etc.

Event Attack on Demons Launch!

Event details: During the event period, adventurers can challenge 4 powerful demons and get rewards based on the challenge results.
Event time: UTC 2021/09/16 to 2021/09/27.
Event rewards: Gold soul dice, Silver soul dice, Silver artisan coin, etc.
Participation conditions: Clear the main line level 9-18.

Guild event Lost Wings is about to launch!

The mysterious owner of the underground black market in the City of Trassvertian issued a decree: whoever can retrieve the stolen paper butterflies in the treasure house can trade from the black market and get rare treasures.
Event details: During the event, you can collect [Paper Butterflies] through daily mission treasure chests and defeating trial BOSS. They can be exchanged tor rich rewards such as heroes, runestones, star map materials, and card draw coupons.
Event time: UTC 2021/09/18 0:00 to 2021/10/01 23:59.
Reward redemption time: UTC 2021/09/18 0:00 to 2021/10/03 23:59.

Guild Event Puppets War is about to launch!

In order to expand his army, the Fallen One used dark magic to create a large number of demonized puppets. Each Justice League will send warriors to destroy them.
Event details: This time there will be a brand new puppet leader, which will require adventurers to implement different fighting strategies.
Event time: UTC 2021/09/23 0:00 to 2021/09/29 23:59.
Participation: After the event is opened, you can participate in the puppet war by clicking the event icon in the event or guild interface.
Event rewards: Dragonshards, Guild badge, Golden soul dice, Silver artisan coin, etc.

New PVP gameplay: Battlefield of Gods

The God of War left, and the temple was still there. When the door to the temple is opened for the savior, a passionate song of triumph will resound through the sea of darkness. At the end of the singing, only one warrior can defeat all opponents. Under the gaze of God, walk towards the throne where the mortal body becomes a god.
After the update, Floating City Ladder will recursively hold seasonally, and adventurers who have performed outstandingly in the season would be selected, and they will step on with passionate singing and Enter the Battlefield of the Gods.

New hero

Huntsmen’s Primogenitor Lycidas from the Shadow Faction.
Along with the addition of new heroes, the new hero trial function will be opened. You can try out new heroes by clicking New Partner on the main interface.

New Skill Voiceover

We invited well-known professional voice actors to tailor appearances and skills voices for all heroes. You can see this in the hero detail interface, just click on (Show) or when you preview the ultimate skill.

New Hecreyja’s Magic Egg

Adventurers first daily recharge of any amount can participate in Hecreyja’s magic egg activity once. Only the first daily recharge, you can find it in the event interface.

Rune adjustment

New rebuild function

The rebuild function is used to provide adventurers with a way to modify attribute types of runestones and reduce the difficulty of cultivating specific attribute combinations. After the update, gold quality runestones are enhanced to 5 stars, the rebuild function will be available. Adventurers can change the type of runestone attribute entries by putting [Pure Stone] in the rebuild function. [Pure Stone] can be obtained by decomposing gold quality runestones.

New runestone attributes

After the update, when runestones are enhanced, new types of attribute entries may be randomly generated. The attributes of the new type include: increased +PDMG, +MDMG, leech level, and attack energy restore (the energy generated each time the skill is released Increase the percentage of recovery), hit energy restore (increased percentage of energy recovery generated each time you are hit).
After wearing the runestones, the attribute value changes can be viewed in the character details panel.

Runestone backpack optimization

A new sorting method has been added to the sorting function of the Rune Backpack: sort according to the order of acquisition.
The newly acquired runestones in the runestone backpack will display special marks.

Adjustment of the puppet legion in the guild

There are brand-new puppet leaders, they have more powerful strength, but will have more obvious faction restraint effect. The process of challenging the leader of the puppet has been adjusted. After the update, the adventurer can freely choose the challenge target. At the same time, rewards will be issued based on the total progress of the guild’s crusade against the 4 leaders.
In the interface for challenging the puppet leader, a challenge task with generous rewards has been added. Added the function of sweep to quickly complete the challenge.

Hero adjustment

The Scourge Guss

Adjust the star map skill [Blessing of Intelligence] to [Hunting Delight].
Reduced the skill [Slime Spray] every time it hits the target, the target’s hit energy recovery value is obtained.

Archmage Winden

Adjust the star map skill [Blessing of Intelligence] to [Show of Strength].

Life Seeker Naomi

The skill [Falling Dragon Hit] can correctly dispel the state of [Confinement].

the Sleeper Agent Cyan

Increased the amount of attack energy each time you release the skill [Rabid Assault].

Joker Carlotta

The skill [blade ring] has been corrected. After the correction, the strength of the skill will be slightly reduced.


The healing effect of the star map skill [Blessing of Power] has been increased from 10% maximum health to 20% maximum health.

Optimization & Adjustment

  • The main interface of the event has been re-made, so that the overall event content can be better presented to you.
  • The function of the Adventurer Squad has been moved from the main interface to the hero backpack. Please check in the game for details.
  • Optimized the difficulty levels before Chapter 20 and after Chapter 27 of the main line and above the 160th floor of the camp dungeon to make the difficulty change smoother.
  • Reduced the difficulty of some epic missions in Hunting Action.
  • The appearance animation function button has been added to the character interface, and the appearance animation of the current character can be replayed.
  • Part of the hot list gameplay has been adjusted to divide the interval and statistics based on the progress of the game itself. After the adjustment, due to the change of the algorithm, it will be temporarily closed for 1 week.
  • Optimize the operating experience of the hot list, each time you switch the sub-list, the selection of the chapter range will be retained.
  • After the update, you can view the specific contents of the treasure box when you select the content of the optional treasure box in the gift package.
  • Optimized the process of adventurers naming themselves for the first time.
  • After new skin is added, the red exclamation mark a reminder of the new avatar can be used along with it.More performance setting options are provided in the system settings.
  • Optimized the process of adventurers naming themselves for the first time.
  • After new skin is added, the red exclamation mark a reminder ofthe new avatar can be used along with it.More performance setting options are provided in the system settings.
  • Optimized the art performance of some dungeons and battle scenes.
  • In the preparation interface, the special effect performance when the faction effect is activated has been added.
  • Optimized the pop-up performance of adventurers when upgrading.
  • The novice guide has been optimized in details.

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  1. Hallo

    Hat mittlerweile jemand eine Lösung für Android Nutzer?

    Wenn ichs Spiel starte heißt es ich soll updaten aber im play store kann ich kein Update finden…

    1. for Android Devices which got update issue players can directly go to Google Play and search Magnum Quest to get the update. Sorry for bothering everyone and the inconvenience

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