Results of the “Puppets War” (January 2022)

Only hours remain until the conclusion of the Puppets War Magnum Quest , which was launched in January 2022. The event brought a few changes to the guild layout in the table, as well as unpleasant surprises from the oldest clans.


  1. Unrivaled – it has become a tradition that this clan leads the game’s standings. This time they crossed the threshold of level 25 bosses, congratulations to them. Recall that in December they were only able to pass level 17. The progress of this guild is amazing!
  2. WARRIOR1 – also showed progress this time. They immediately added 3 levels to the boss and reached level 15.
  3. Unrivaled2 – took bronze this time and almost made it to level 15 of the boss. Perhaps they will get the missing 7% by the end of the event.
  4. Bloodlust — immediately went up 4 places and took the 4th position in the TOP.
  5. AMBER – The guild occupies the same position 5 as last time.
  6. DARKSEID – also showed progress and climbed higher in the tournament ladder.
  7. DuBaHHbleBoicka – remained at the same 7th position, but this time they mastered the 12th level of bosses.
  8. Unrivaled1 – and here it is necessary to give explanations. If you compare the table with the last month, then this month you will not see one of the strong clan of the game O’hrenelly. The reason is that they renamed themselves Unrivaled1 without the consent of the TOP1 clan. The reasons may be different – either trolling or fishing (strong players are deceived into the name of the TOP1 clan). It did not help them much, they fall down from 3rd place to 8th in the overall rating table. By the way, we have received several complaints about the toxicity of representatives of this clan, so we are not surprised by this behavior.

    I am ingame Bendowill, the leader of Unrivaled. First of all I want to thank you for your great works, also with the Puppets War leaderboards.
    If you do this again for this round, there is something you need to know: The currently 4th ranked at Puppets War is the original guild O’hrenelly. They changed their name to Unrivaled1 now but they are not in our cluster at all.
    The reasons why they do this… not sure. Probably cause they think it is funny or to fish strong players. I just thought you have to know this before you post the leaderboard and explain the rank changes.
  1. WARRIOR2 – also fell in position by 3 places.
  2. Rebenbund – the guild has moved up 1 position.

The negative trend for RU clans continues. Now black PR has been added to them 🙂

You can see the positions of the rest of the guilds in the picture below! Good luck to everyone and see you in the game!

3 thoughts on “Results of the “Puppets War” (January 2022)”

  1. I talked to someone from O’hrenelly and he said they were trolling and making a flashmob. I suspect they were trying to point out the lack of fairness and competitiveness in the game. Everything is decided by how much money you invest in and when you have p2w guilds like Unrivaled also poaching and transferring players to tip the scales for their other rosters it just ruins the fun for the rest.

    1. I also spoke earlier with one person (WhiskeyJack) from this guild. The Ukrainian toxic player turned the discord against the entire RU community. And after talking with this freak, I’m not surprised by this behavior of his guild. By the way, this crooked scarecrow lost the first PvP tournament and ended the game in disgrace 🙂

      I hope all members of this infamous clan end up like him.

    2. Lol complaining about a phone game being pay to win. 😅 What’s next? Complaining that the sun’s too bright?

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