Developer Q&A 23th of April 2021

Ouestion: I’d love it if you could add the ability to lock heroes. Otherwise it is easy to use your favorite heroes when upgrading other heroes by mistake.

Answer: What a great idea! During the course ofthe game’s development we’ve constantly been thinking about ways in which players may manage their heroes. We’ve also previously received some feedback from players who accidently used the wrong heroes as upgrade materials. We’re actually already designing the ability to lock one’s heroes as we speak, but our team will need a bit of time to test how it we will realize it. Stay tuned for future updates!

Ouestion: Are you going to add more raid maps? I for one have already completed all the current ones.

Answer: Our aim with raid adventures is to give a different experience compared to the main quests. That’s why we added mechanisms, puzzles, and a bunch of hidden rewards. What’s more, special maps are available with in-game events, such as Suace-time Mirage, Christmas, Spring Festival, etc. We estimate that a new map will become available in an update not too far off in the future (it might be Space-time Mirage!).

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