Developer Q&A 27 November 2021

Quick Preview : New Chapters ? GvG content gameplay ? Hero skills voice changes ?
Find the answer below!

Question: Are you planning to add new chapters of the campaign? People get stuck in Chapter 28, and what we can only do is just wait for new events and content. I realize that this probably takes a lot more time and effort to create, but new chapters would be welcomed.

Answer: The answer is YES. But it won’t become new endless chapters attached behind the current main quest. As the adventure through the first 30 chapters is only ACT ONE in the tales of Armuda, now the legendary story will be continued in our new ACT TWO where the adventurers can experience a new Battle mode! Adventure will become more different and more exciting, our adventurers won’t want to miss it, if that’s what you are seeking for – more challenges, more fun!
New content will be officially revealed very soon. Stay tuned!

Question: The puppet gvg is great, can we get more guild content? Would be really fun to have more gvg content.

Answer: Our team has been working on new GvG contents for a long time. It’s not an easy one, which means it’ll be a really big one. It took us much time and effort to improve the gameplay experience. We’re looking forward to it as much as you do, and we really hope our adventurers will like it!!

Question: Love your voice actors, most voices are close to the voice in my mind when I saw the characters the first time. But it seems to be pointless if they can only “talk” in the portraits. Are you adding more voices or background music in future? How about adding some in the battle and make the waiting time less boring?

Answer: Same love to our talented voice actors/tress. In the next version we’ll add hero skills voice over, you can hear them while they’re fighting on the battlefield. Of course adventurers who don’t like this feature can easily turn it off in Settings.

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  1. Hi I love the game and I’m looking forward to new content but I do wish to ask what are you going todo about the random bot accounts that people are using to scam people. Iv been reporting two constantly but nothing has been done and its spoiling the game

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